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Hi! I’m Krystelle! I’m a holistic nutritionist and health coach, and graduated from culinary arts.  Welcome!

I’m a wife, mother of two, and stepmother of three. I am a holistic nutritionist and health coach and graduated from culinary school in New York City. I’m passionate about natural health and healing, as well as healthy cooking. While raising my little one at home, I created my first cookbook – a cookbook filled with healthy, tasty, and everyday recipes for the whole family. 

Health starts from within. Don’t look for the perfect diet, or the perfect body; don’t look for perfection. Instead, learn to be more aware; more present. Learn to slow down; learn to trust your body. Practice mindfulness and gratefulness. Follow your appetite, your intuition and the rhythms of life.  – Krystelle


So excited about this cookbook. I come from a big family of 5 kiddos ages 2, 8, 11, 14, and 17, plus our 91-year-old grandfather so we are always looking for a variety of easy to follow healthy recipes. This cookbook delivers. And it’s beautiful. The care and dedication it took to put this together is evident. I know my family’s health will only improve by following these conscious cooking recipes.

– Kayra P

I’ve had a handful of cookbooks in the past, but these days it’s so easy to find quick recipes on-line for just about anything. I was fortunate enough to meet the author (Krystelle F. Gratziani) in person and get a signed copy from her! I was motivated to get the book as she looks (and actually eats & lives super “healthy” herself). The other reason I got the book was when I heard about her mission to provide healthy recipes for families. Once I started reading the book, I enjoyed how simple & EASY it reads (you don’t have to be a chef to make the great recipes in the book). The layout and pictures in the book are stunning! Krystelle must have spent a LOT of time and money putting this book together and it really shows. I’ll be getting a few other books for friends in the near future. This is the BEST cookbook I’ve ever had!

– Alish D

Love my new Conscious Cooking recipe book!!! Starting of course with the AMAZING recipes (which very much parallels my philosophies on food!), the gorgeous and very well thought out layout, the content and tips and the stunning imagery and overall quality of this recipe book, it far and away exceeded my expectations! Can’t wait to dive in and make more recipes! Liked it so much, I got one for a good friend who is a vegetarian and also appreciates delicious recipes! (My only concern is making sure I do not spill anything on it when I use it, as i actually have it displayed in my kitchen as if it’s a piece of art.) You will love this cookbook!!! Met the Author as well … super sweet and honored to have a signed copy!

– Michelle R

Not only is this book a beautiful book to display in the kitchen, but it’s so full of great, tasty and straight forward recipes for daily cooking. I’m not a cooking “type”, but wanted a book I could use that had healthy and delicious recipes I could make during the week or when I have people over. This has a good variety and despite being clean, they’ve pleased even the most critical “unhealthy” palates I have in my family… I’ve had friends taste what I made and they liked it so much, they went and got their own copy of the book lol it’s been so nice to feel like I can actually make delicious food without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients, and use what’s in my pantry already! Great buy!

– David L

Krystelle had me right from her introduction! Everyone can identify with her journey and food philosophy to some extent, as consumers and active people. Krystelle does an outstanding job of presenting quick, nutritious AND delicious recipes that any level cook can prepare, and she educates us along the way. Her roasted butternut squash soup is already my favorite and has replaced my long-time recipe. Next I want to try the sheet pan honey Dijon chicken with vegetables. Cooking doesn’t get any easier than that! Thank you, Krystelle, for pouring your energy into this tome. I’ll be sure to watch out for the sequel!

– Susan T

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