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All About Water

Our body is made mainly of water. We need to be hydrated to function well and be healthy. Drinking plenty of clean water is one of the healthiest things we can do for our health. Water helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells, it helps the digestive system, the brain, and the other organs to function properly, it helps to flush toxins out of the body, and it also hydrates the skin and regulates our body’s temperature.

Most people do not drink enough water and as a result are dehydrated, and without even knowing it. When we are dehydrated, we can feel tired, have a headache,  feel hungry or have food cravings. It’s known that most diseases begin in a dehydrated body so it’s very important to stay hydrated and get fluids from healthy sources such as clean water, herbal teas, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Fresh coconut water and green juices are also amazing to stay hydrated. However, the principal beverage should still remain water. Coffee, tea, artificial juices, and other beverages are not included in the list as they are actually dehydrating, and usually too high in sugar. If you drink coffee, a good habit would be to have a big glass of water before having it.

Many people mention that they don’t like the taste of water. I say, just add a few  slices of cucumbers, some fresh mint leaves, a combination of strawberry and basil or mint, or simply a slice of lemon. In general, we should be drinking half our body’s weight in ounces of water. If you weigh 140 pounds, you will need to drink about 70 ounces but it may increase if you are physical active or if you are outside and it’s hot and humid. So you want to make sure you drink enough. A good tip is to carry a water bottle with you or have a goal of drinking 1 or 2 water bottle a day.

There are many different types of water. Let’s go briefly over them so you can learn the difference between them and choose your water accordingly.


Tap water – This is the water you get at your house from your municipality. Depending upon where you live, it may taste good and be healthy, but most of us do not have safe and tasty tap water to drink. In general, it contains tons of chemicals such as arsenic, lead, and chlorine, as well as other contaminants and bacteria. If tap water is your only choice, try to boil the water before consuming it to kill any bacteria and other microorganisms.

Ideally, the best thing to do would be to invest some money in a home water filter so you can drink safe and tasty water at your house. There are different options if you want to buy a home water filter. It will depend on what you want and how much you want to invest.

Bottled water – Bottled water is a big industry–it’s known that about 40% of water bottles are just filled with tap water. Also, water bottles are very destructive to the planet. It takes over 1,000 years to biodegrade them, and according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there were 31 million tons of plastic waste in 2010.

Water bottles may also contain BPA, a toxic chemical that has been said to be carcinogenic. Plastic may also leach into the water, especially when exposed to heat. Some brands are better than others but it’s not always the healthiest choice, and especially not for the environment!

Ideally, the best thing to do would be to fill a glass or stainless steel water bottle at home with fresh and clean water. But if you’re going to buy water bottles, choose hard over soft plastic and look for the number under the bottle. If you see a no. 3, 6 or 7, avoid it as it has presence of BPA. If you see no. 1, it means that it should only be used 1 time.

Spring water – Spring water is derived from an underground formation from where water flows naturally at the surface of the earth. Spring water is often related to bottled water but this is really not accurate. To find real spring water near your house, visit: This type of water is fresh and tastes amazing.

Mineral water – Mineral water comes from a natural spring where the water naturally contains higher trace of minerals such as salts, calcium and magnesium. It’s normally purchased in bottles and it’s available as sparkling.

Purified water – This is a type of water that has been mechanically treated with reverse osmosis or distillation to remove undesirable chemicals and other contaminants in the water.

Artesian water – Artesian water is water that comes from a well and comes out at the surface of the ground.

Sparkling water – This type of water contains carbon dioxide. It’s great to drink sparkling water with a slice of lemon in the afternoon instead of a soda. Sparkling water is not regulated as bottled water is.

Distilled water – Distilled water is the steam from boiled water that has been recondensed and bottled. It’s the cleanest water you can drink as this process kills microbes and removes all types of minerals. Distilled water is great for a few days, or over a short period of time to help the body to detoxify from any toxins, but it shouldn’t be consumed on a daily basis. Distilled water doesn’t contain any minerals and may actually drain minerals out of the body.

Reverse osmosis – It’s a filtration method where the water is forced under pressure to remove microbes, chemicals, and minerals. So instead of removing impurities from tap water, you pull clean water out of the impurities. You can buy a system to install at your house.

Alkaline water – This type of water helps our body to become more alkaline by balancing the pH. Alkaline water normally tastes really good and is known to also provide extra oxygen and minerals. You can buy a machine for your house. This is what we have in ours.

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