Did you know that most of the breads out there are unhealthy? Most of them are made with processed wheat, bleached flour, GMO’s, artificial coloring and flavorings, preservatives, and added sugar. Some bread even contains high-fructose corn syrup. Most of the bread we eat today is made from refined grains, is high in carbohydrates, and can cause rapid spikes in blood sugar.

Even though we have been taught that we need to eat grains, the reality is that we don’t need them to be healthy. They can actually cause more harm than good. The worst component in grains, gluten, can cause inflammation in the body and lead to many different health problems. There are also two other components found in grains that can be problematic. These components are phytic acid and lectins. Phytic acid is an anti nutrient, which block mineral absorption in the body, and lectins are non-digestible proteins that damage our gut.

For people with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance or any inflammatory diseases, it’s important to stay away from gluten, as well as most grains in general. If you can tolerate grains and want to keep them in your diet, stick to whole grains, such as rolled oats, brown rice, and millet, and if you eat bread, make sure you see the word whole grain on the label or even better, stick to breads that are organic and made with soaked and sprouted grains, or ancient grains – these breads are the healthiest.

If you are on a gluten-free diet or try to avoid gluten, remember that it doesn’t mean a product is labeled gluten-free that it’s healthy. Most gluten-free products are actually unhealthy; they contain a lot of starches and sugar, which damage the gastrointestinal tract and spike blood sugar levels. And some grains, even though are gluten-free, can have inflammatory effects on the body.

If you eat bread regularly, you may want to consider a healthier alternative. I will share with you my top 5 brands but if you can’t find these, look for sprouted grain bread, sourdough bread, local bread from the bakery (especially if made with whole grain flour) and you also always have homemade bread if you like to bake.

So here are my 5 favorite brands (I’m not paying to say this):

1. Ezekiel breads/Food for Life

(Organic sprouted grain bread & Gluten-free breads)

2. Manna Breads/Manna Organics

(Organic sprouted breads & Gluten-free breads)

3. Dave’s Killer Bread

(Organic whole grain breads)

4. Rudi Organic Bakery

(Organic whole grain breads with Gluten-free & Vegan options)

5. Alvarado St. Bakery

(Organic whole grain breads made with sprouted wheat)