Having children at home definitely keep us busy but if you would like to still be able to cook healthy meals for your family, the key is to stay organized. Since we are all busy, let’s jump into them now.

I hope you enjoy these tips.

Here are 10 tips to stay organized in the kitchen

  1. Have a weekly menu
  2. Do rotations in your menus so you don’t need to create a new one every week
  3. Shop with a shopping list
  4. Make sure you cook bigger portions to have leftovers for the next day. You can also freeze leftovers.
  5. Freeze meals and make sure to write the date you made it so you know if it’s good when you want to use it.
  6. Use your slow cooker, instant pot or counter grill more often.
  7. Prepare two things at once. Ex: make your salad while the rice is cooking.
  8. Prepare simple and easy meals.
  9. Make sure your pantry and your refrigerator is well organized. Use containers and write on them if necessary.
  10. Take some time during the weekend to prepare some quick and easy food that your family will enjoy during the week such as a quinoa salad, homemade hummus, some healthy muffins or bars, a salad dressing, etc.