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After having studied in health, nutrition and natural healing for over a decade, I created this beautiful 336 page hardcover cookbook that contains healthy, simple and delicious everyday recipes for the whole family. Most of the recipes are gluten- and dairy-free and focus on wholesome foods and healthy cooking techniques. You will find a variety of health-supportive recipes that include ingredients like pastured eggs, sustainable fish, organic poultry and meat, as well as healthy breakfast, snacks and desserts, flourless baked goods, and much more. There are also vegetarian, vegan and raw food recipes in the book, and most of them contain superfoods. All of the recipes have been tested multiple times.




In this cookbook, you will find:

149 nutrient-dense recipes for the whole family

My food philosophy and health and nutrition related information

Mostly gluten-, grain- and dairy-free recipes

Lots of vegetarian, vegan and raw food recipes

Health supportive meals containing pastured eggs, sustainable fish and organic meat

Lots of superfoods, herbs and spices to support overall health

Section for babies and toddlers with information and recipes they will love

Information on baby-led weaning and tips for healthy eating

Desserts and baked good recipes using fruits and vegetables

Variety of non-dairy milk recipes, and superfood smoothies and beverages

Weekly menu ideas

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Krystelle Gratziani has created a beautiful cookbook filled with delicious and healthy recipes which fit well into a program of balanced nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle. These recipes are a joy for the whole family including moms with babies and young children.David Heber, MD, PhD Professor Emeritus and Founding Director, UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

Best cookbook ever for your entire family! Krystelle has created a beautiful cookbook containing delicious, nutritious, mouth-watering, easy to make recipes, that will nourish your baby, toddler, teen and whole family from the inside out! Krystelle’s deep love for family and food is clearly reflected in this book, highly recommended!Dr. Susanne Bennett, #1 best selling author of The Kimchi Diet and talk show host of Wellness for Life on RadioMD and iHeart Radio

Great food always makes one happy…but great food that is also beautiful and captivating on the plate can make one’s heart skip a beat! Krystelle Gratziani’s Conscious Cooking made my heart flutter the first time I had cracked it open, and it continues to delight and inspire me in the kitchen each and every time I use it. By applying traditional French cooking techniques to healthier cuisine, Krystelle has created something spectacular in her first cookbook. Home cooks, as well as professional chefs will find the recipes easy to replicate or scale up for larger servings. My favorite parts of this book were not only the craveable recipes, but the stunning food photography as well. Chef Mark Garcia, Head of Marketing at Chef’s Studio



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