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If you want to keep soy in your diet and have been wondering what are your best choices, fermented soy products are your best choices. Those include:

-Tempeh is a soy product similar to tofu but is fermented. It’s extremely nutritious, high in protein, iron, and calcium, and is popular in the vegetarian cuisine. You can marinade it and add it as an extra source of protein to your meals.

-Miso is a fermented seasoning made of soybeans, barley, rice, or chickpeas. It’s part of the traditional miso soup, but is used in other dishes, dressings and sauces as well. Chickpeas and rice miso are wonderful if you want to avoid soy and gluten. Look for unpasteurized miso, which is healthier.

-Natto is a product that consists of sticky fermented soybeans. It has a really particular flavour and consistency. It’s a traditional food in Japan and can be really hard to find in North America. Natto is highly nutritious; it’s very high in proteins, it’s a good source of calcium and iron, and it’s an excellent source of vitamin K2. It’s also easily digested. Natto is normally eaten with rice and condiments such as soy sauce.

-Soy sauce is a salty condiment made from fermented soybeans. There are different varieties on the market. Tamari is very popular and is also made from soybeans. The taste is smoother and more balanced than traditional soy sauce. You can also get Nama Shoyu, which is raw soy sauce and normally appreciated by people on a raw food diet. If you are gluten-free, you want to avoid Nama shoyu and buy gluten-free soy sauce or tamari, since soy sauce and tamari are normally made with soy and wheat or barley.

And here are 3 other foods that can be eaten in moderation but preferably organic:

-Tofu is very popular in Asia and vegetarian cuisine. It’s made from soy milk and is high in calcium and proteins. It’s also low in fat and sodium, which makes tofu a healthy alternative if eaten organic and in moderation. There are different types of tofu that are used in different types of meals. Tofu is easy to cook with and absorbs flavors easily.

-Soy milk is a very popular beverage made from soybeans. It’s also used as a dairy alternative for those who don’t or can’t have dairy products. There are some pros and cons with soymilk but in my opinion, it’s not a bad choice if you get unsweetened, organic soymilk, and if you consume in moderation or occasionally. It’s also good if you make it at home with organic soybeans.

-Edamame are young, green soybeans. They can be bought in their pod or shelled, and be eaten cold or warm. They are great in salads, side dishes, dip, stir-fry, or just as a snack. It’s a good source of protein, fiber, and iron. They are normally found in the frozen section of a health food store.



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